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Presenting... Powerful Hydration for Fasting

Designed for a fasting lifestyle. With everything you need, and nothing you don't...

Stop Worrying About Ingredients

0 calories
0 sugar
No Sugar

Electrolyte Drink Mix - Citrus

  • Refreshing citrus taste
  • 4-5x the electrolytes of other products
  • Designed for a fasting lifestyle

Electrolyte Drink Mix - Unflavored

  • The cleanest hydration formula
  • Only 3 Ingredients
  • Designed for a fasting lifestyle

Our Mission

We started Fast Fuel with a desire to bring the benefits of fasting to more people. Fasting can be hard. But it doesn't have to be.

Recent Customer Reviews


    The difference in my energy level is profound. I was drinking more water to combat fatigue but without replacing these key electrolytes the exercise was counter productive. I'm really feeling good. Thank you!

    Ellen B.

    United States SAN FRANCISCO
  • "More than H2O!"

    Fast Fuel proves you need more that plain-ol-water to keep the ability to sweat and keeping going. I can suffer heart palpitations and I have had absolutely none since i started taking FF. Read the label and see what you get for your money. Thx

    Steven W.

    United States UNITED STATES

    Ideal way to stay hydrated! FF are the best on the market. They taste great and have the highest sodium out of any other hydration supplements, which is perfect for my low carb lifestyle.

    Mallory M.

    United States NEW YORK
  • "Helped stop muscle cramping"

    Had bad cramping from low carb diet. Nothing helped until i tried this. Havent had a cramp since day 2 of fast fuel use! It works, plain and simple!


    United States UNITED STATES
  • "I ordered unflavored."

    It is very tasty even though it's unflavored. It feels like it's more fulfilling than just water by itself.


    United States UNITED STATES
  • "will order more"

    very helpful in maintaining my integrity for 18/24 hr fasts...will purchase the lemon flavored next


    United States UNITED STATES
  • "Love this product"

    This is the best hydration product I have tried!! Love that it has no sugar!!!!! All the others have sugar or Splenda. It actually tastes great too - makes the water a little salty!

    stacey Williams

    United States UNITED STATES
  • "Just what I was looking for"

    I’ve been looking for a flavorless electrolyte and was having trouble finding it. This has simple ingredients and more of what you need than other electrolyte products. I also appreciate the guide on the package that tells you how to use it depending on whether you are intermittent fasting, extended or on Keto. It has helped me a great deal. I will continue to purchase.


    United States UNITED STATES
  • "The best out there!"

    Th citrus has a great taste and is exactly what I need to feel good during extended fasts.


    United States UNITED STATES
  • "No More Foot Cramps"

    I use one scoop a day with my other supplementation and I no longer have leg and feet cramps at night. I’ve only used it a week, so I need more time to determine if there are any side effects so I can decide if it’s a permanent addition to my diet.

    ME Lemire

    United States UNITED STATES
  • "Nice support to fasting"

    Fast fuel is great to help my body and mind get through a fast!! Works good on preventing hangovers also.

    Brandon Beck

    United States UNITED STATES
  • "Perfect for my use"

    I love the hassle free way this product makes electrolyte intake during my extended fasts. The flavor is decent and helps with the drinkability of the salts. Will definitely buy again.


    United States UNITED STATES
  • "Great for a Boost of Energy"

    I ordered this for my wife in hopes that it would give her a boost of energy throughout her day. So far it has been doing quite well and comparable to other like items on market and hydration multipliers used before this. Just a quick note, it is very salty. We added it to a flavored drink and that did the trick.

    Aaron Q.

    United States UNITED STATES

A Clean Electrolyte Mix

Designed for a fasting lifestyle. With everything you need and nothing you don't..